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Amhurst Adoption Lawyer knoxvilledivorceattorney 20 300x200Many say that children are a joy to have in every family as they bring new life to the home and those they meet. They are very curious, and as they grow, they can be a great support not just for the rest of the family but also those they meet. Unfortunately, not all have the opportunity to have a child for medical reasons or because they chose to be single all their life.

Adopting a child is the next best option for these people who wish to have a child. However, adopting a child can be a lengthy process with many legal stipulations that must be met before they can even be considered a foster parent. With this in mind, it would be best for you to reach out to a legal expert to help you with your application and help you monitor the adoption process once you pass the requirements set by the state.

You can trust the Amhurst adoption lawyer, John T. Sholly to help you get the proper accreditations to be a foster parent and get you started in the adoption process. Our legal team can personalize our legal services to match your requirements and ensure you are 100% ready to be a foster parent before your potential adoptive child joins your family.

Call John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law at (865) 276-7228 for your consultation with a Amhurst Adoption Lawyer.

Benefits of Hiring an Adoption Lawyer

Adoption is a legal process that can be tricky to deal with, especially if you are unaware of the legal process and it is your first time adopting a child. Having an adoption lawyer can help lessen the strain the legal process can give you and your partner, as well as help you identify the right legal resources that you need to check to help you understand the issues you may encounter.

Amhurst Adoption Lawyer knoxvilledivorceattorney 22 300x200Here are other benefits of hiring an adoption lawyer that can help you decide if you should get one or not:

  • Valuable legal support – Having an adoption lawyer on standby can help you get the correct answers to any questions about the state’s adoption process.
  • Reliable guide – An adoption lawyer can help you prepare the necessary documents needed to support your application and explain each step that will happen as the adoption process takes place.
  • Well-connected – A trusted and licensed adoption lawyer can help connect you to the right adoption agency or private adoptee so you know the children you are adopting have been legally verified.
  • Experienced with dealing with adoption cases – An adoption lawyer can review your documents and requirements beforehand, so they know how to adjust the application accordingly. They can help you apply for a necessity if you are missing it.

John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law is a trusted Amhurst, Tennessee family law firm known for providing personalized legal services to any client. Each client will be assigned to one of our experienced family lawyers for their respective issues and provide the legal services they seek. In the case of adoptions, our Amhurst adoption lawyers will be with you from day one so that you are guided throughout the process and will not have any issues along the way.

Criteria for Adoptive Parents in Tennessee

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In Tennessee, anyone who wishes to adopt a child must meet the state’s criteria to become eligible parents, and they are as follows:

  • The prospective parent or parents should be 21 years old or older
  • They must be a resident of the state
  • They must have the financial and emotional capability to provide for the family
  • They can either be single, married, or divorced
  • If they are married, they can have children or no children
  • They must have full-time employment

Our Amhurst adoption lawyers are up-to-date with the latest requirements needed by the state for any potential adoptive parents. If there are any problems with your qualifications, we can look at the situation and recommend the best possible action to get the application rolling.

Adoption Process in Tennessee

In Tennessee, the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) will make sure that any prospective adoptive guardian must not only pass the criteria required but also successfully pass the following:

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  • Home Study

A home study is a background check to determine your eligibility as a possible foster parent and a starter course on adoption.

DCS often does a home study for families not yet certified by the department as possible foster parents and those who have directly contacted the Department to adopt a child. A licensed agency must do it and be at most a year old when they request to adopt a child. Each home study varies depending on the agency handling the request.

When the agency finalizes the written report, it will have your family’s description, verifications, financial and medical documents, and references. It will also indicate your interview answers regarding the type of child you believe you can successfully support.

The home study must be submitted to the agency or the child’s adoption listing contact.

  • TN-KEY Training

When the home study shows that you are an ideal foster parent and agree to adopt a child, you will be asked to attend Tennessee’s KEY training. This is a required program that not only helps foster parents learn more about their responsibilities but also helps them effectively self-assess their capacity as a parent.

Some of the lessons that will be included in the training include different communication styles, how to deal with loss and grief, and identify how families can strengthen their bond.

Once the potential foster parent completes the home study and training, the Department of Children’s Services or the private adoptee will determine if the adoption should occur. If the adoption is approved, it should be finalized within a year.

Our Amhurst adoption lawyers will guide you throughout the home study and training if you have more questions or any issues pop up. We can also monitor the adoption process once you complete the requirements so you can be assured that you will be connected to your foster child sooner.

Talk To A Legal Professional Today

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Adopting a child is no simple matter because you will take charge of another life if approved to adopt one. If you are determined to adopt and want to make sure you are making the right decision, don’t hesitate to seek legal advice.

Our doors at John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law are always open to assist you in becoming an adoptive parent. Whether through applying for accreditation or finalizing your new child’s documents, we are ready to streamline the process for you so you can focus on what matters most. You can call us today to find out more, and we will assign you to one of our adoption lawyers, who will guide you through the process.

Call John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law at (865) 276-7228 for your consultation with a Amhurst Adoption Lawyer.