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Faragut Child Support

During a divorce proceeding, one of the highly contested topics in these discussions is how child support will be arranged. While it is their children’s right to be given access to goods and services, some parents may disagree on how these needs will be provided once the divorce pushes through. One parent may say that the other parent should be the one to provide support because they earn more money than the other. The other parent would say that the child support should be equally shared since it is fair.

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Given these arguments, child support arrangements can take months or even years to be resolved. It will even affect the child’s life because they cannot access the necessary goods and services on time.

Fortunately, states like Tennessee have clear guidelines and laws to help parents discuss child support arrangements for their children. If they need help, they can work with excellent family law firms scattered across the state.

If you are in Faragut, Tennessee and need legal advice to sort out child support for your children, you can trust John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law for the job. Our experienced Faragut child support lawyer is ready to guide you through the state’s child support law and help you reach an agreement with the other party so your children are provided for at any time. As part of our commitment to exceptional client service, our lawyer is more than willing to accommodate meetings at your residence or any location that suits your needs and schedule.

We can even help you during enforcement and modification petitions, which may take a while to resolve if you are not aware of the guidelines that will be used by the court to fix them.

Call John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law at (865) 276-7228 for your consultation with a Faragut Child Support lawyer.

Child Support Laws in Tennessee

In Tennessee, both parents are legally obligated to support their child’s needs, from their basic needs, welfare, and support to education. Whether they are biological or legally adopted children, their parents must give this support equally. Should the parents divorce, the Primary Residential Parent (PRP) will be the one who will receive the support, while the Alternate Residential Parent (ARP) is the one to pay child support.

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Once the child covered by the child support arrangement reaches the age of 18 or they graduate from high school with regular classes, whichever comes last. However, it can end early if the child becomes an adult through marriage, quits school, and starts a job. Meanwhile, it can be extended if the parents agree to it or if they become severely disabled or are disabled.

Want to learn more about the state’s child support laws and how they would be applied to your situation? Speak to the assigned Faragut child support lawyer for your case, and they will guide you through the laws and options for your child support case.

Computing Child Support Amount

Tennessee uses an income share model to determine the amount a supporting parent should provide for their minor children. This model was initially designed to ensure that each child receives the same share of the total parental income from unmarried couples, similar to how much it would be from married parents. Factors such as both parents’ income, visitation schedule, custody arrangement, and the number of children will be considered in the computation, as well as the additional expenses that the child may need, such as medical care, child care, and others.

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It is essential to note that there are cases where the court may deviate from this formula depending on the circumstances in each case. Usually, changes are made if there is a disparity between the income of both parents and the number of minor children that the arrangement will cover. If the parents have joint custody, the higher-earning parent usually pays the child support.

Our Faragut child support lawyers can explain the state’s guidelines for computing child support and even provide you with a sample computation based on the information you provide us and the formula the court will use for the case. We can negotiate if necessary in case you find the amount lacking or too much, depending on your position.

Child Support Enforcement

Custodial parents must always receive child support payments on time to provide their children with all their needs without any pause. However, if it is late for whatever reason, it can cause a lot of trouble for the custodial parent and the child.

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There are many reasons why a child support payment can be late, from valid reasons such as the supporting parent being sick or out of work to reasons such as the parent being completely negligent of their responsibilities. Fortunately, custodial parents living in Faragut, Tennessee have many options if they have problems enforcing a child support order. The court will check the case details to determine which action is best to get the due child support.

Some of these actions can include:

  • Getting the due and current child support amount from the negligent parent’s salary
  • Stop the parent’s tax refunds
  • Revoke their state licenses, such as driver’s licenses, professional licenses, and others
  • Request for a property lien
  • Report the issue to the credit bureaus
  • Request a bank account seizure
  • File for civil or criminal contempt

Our Faragut, Tennessee family law firm can assist you in reporting any issues you may have in getting the child support on time or at all. We will ensure that the proper evidence is given to the court for their consideration and that the order is enforced accordingly. If you are assigned to pay child support, and there is a valid reason for your delayed payments, we can help you plead your case to the court and work with the other party to create a better arrangement that works for you.

Child Support Modification

When a judge rules a specific amount for child support, it does not mean that it will be the final amount the supporting parent will need to provide monthly as the years pass. Your children will have changing needs as they grow; one can never tell when sudden expenses such as medical emergencies will occur. For the supporting parent, they may also require a change in the child support arrangements because of their changed financial situation.

Fortunately, Tennessee does allow parents to request a child support modification. However, they must show a significant reason for their request. The court will consider the submission and either increase or decrease the amount. The changes will only be effective after the court can order the revisions to be applicable immediately after the petition is filed.

You can trust our Faragut child support lawyers to help you file the petition if you think there is a need to modify the child support order in any way. We will represent you during the negotiations and do our best to get the ideal result for all parties.

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It is not enough to rely on love and devotion to help our children grow, especially if you and your other parent undergo a divorce. Financial support through child support payments must be arranged during the divorce proceedings and paid on time for the child to get everything they need without any issues.

Our Faragut, Tennessee family law firm is always ready to provide exemplary legal service whenever needed. Whether you want to request child support for your child or are having issues securing child support, let us know, and we will see what can be done to resolve the issue so both parties can agree.

In an effort to enhance client accessibility and comfort, our lawyer is pleased to arrange client meetings at their preferred location, whether it be at home or another convenient venue.

Call John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law at (865) 276-7228 for your consultation with a Faragut Child Support lawyer.