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Concord Child Visitation

Everyone wishes they could avoid getting divorced at some point in their lives. Even after a divorce, ensuring the children have a solid relationship with both parents becomes a top priority.

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It’s crucial to devote enough time and focus to choosing the arrangements that best suit the children’s requirements and ages. Children’s overall well-being depends on allowing them to spend quality time with both parents and receiving appropriate guidance throughout their upbringing.

The good news is that the courts are devoted to considering the child’s welfare in such circumstances. They work to develop a parenting schedule that guarantees the kids can stay in touch with both parents. Every parent fights for child visitation rights, making sure that what they want is in their children’s best interests.

We are aware of the significance of child visitation schedules and how they affect the contentment of your family. You can always turn to our team of knowledgeable Concord, Tennessee child visitation attorneys for assistance with any problems you may encounter during the proceedings. We take the time to fully comprehend your particular circumstance and give you the appropriate legal support to help you navigate the legal process. You can rely on us to handle your case with the utmost care, ensuring your child’s interests and well-being are prioritized.

Are you seeking assistance with child visitation in Concord, Tennessee? Contact John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law today. Our dedicated attorney understands the importance of maintaining a meaningful relationship with your child. Schedule a consultation at (865) 276-7228 to discuss your case and get your visitation rights. Let us fight for your parental rights and help create a positive future for you and your child.

Types of Child Visitation

Arranging the child’s visitation when parents get divorced is a crucial step. The parenting plan, which serves as a road map for how they will co-parent following the divorce, will include this arrangement. This plan is approved by the court after being signed by both parents, ensuring that the child’s interests come first in all decisions.

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The court and the parents work together to determine the visitation schedule. They carefully weigh the pros and cons of various arrangements to decide which one best suits the child’s requirements and circumstances. Ultimately, what matters most is that the child can spend quality time with both parents and feels loved and supported.

Reasonable or Open Visitation

Without any oversight or set schedule, the non-custodial parent can use their parental tool and choose when to spend time with their child. It’s like being granted free visitation.

Scheduled Visitation

Scheduled visitation refers to a formal agreement establishing specific times for each parent to spend with their child, especially during holidays and momentous occasions. Due to its many advantages, this visitation schedule is frequently advised. A predictable schedule gives the child stability and consistency by letting them know when to anticipate time with each parent.

Supervised Visitation

When a child has supervised visitation, a third party, frequently appointed by the court, is present to oversee and ensure their welfare and safety while with their non-custodial parent. This arrangement safeguards against any risks or threats that might materialize. In cases involving parental incarceration or child abandonment, where the child needs more time to build a relationship with their non-custodial parent, the court may also impose restrictions on unsupervised visits.

Unsupervised Visitation

The non-custodial parent is given unrestricted access to their child during unsupervised visits since no supervisor is required. The fact that this arrangement does not include overnight custody should be noted. Unsupervised visits are meant to encourage a sincere bond between a parent and their child without the interference of any outside parties. However, the court retains the right to change unsupervised visits to supervised visits for the child’s safety should circumstances develop that endanger the child.

Virtual Visitation

The COVID-19 pandemic made virtual visitation, a relatively new arrangement, more popular. It enables the non-custodial parent to communicate with their child virtually. As the name suggests, these visits occur via video chat or phone calls at predetermined times. When in-person meetings are impossible for the parent or the child because of particular circumstances, this type of visitation has become the preferred choice. Virtual visitation offers a beneficial substitute, ensuring that parent-child interaction and bonding can continue without physical presence.

No Visitation

The court can terminate visitation arrangements altogether when it believes it risks the child’s safety and well-being. Such decisions are typically made when the non-custodial parent has a history of serious criminal offenses or has been found guilty of severe child abuse.

Judges are required by law to consider the child’s best interests when deciding on visitation rights for parents in cases of domestic violence. The court may grant visitation in certain circumstances if a protective order is in effect to ensure the child’s safety. The court may, however, suspend or refuse visitation if the visitation schedule hurts the child.

Our team at John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law is here to help parents looking for the best possible Concord child visitation arrangement. We can thoroughly explain the benefits and drawbacks of each type of visitation, and once you choose the arrangement that best suits your child’s needs, we will zealously represent your preferences in court.

Child Visitation Modifications

Concord child visitation schedules may need to change to consider a constantly evolving life. The dynamics of the agreement may be influenced by various elements, including the parents’ work schedules, the child’s changing needs, and others.

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As a result, it is critical to review and update the visitation order to reflect the current circumstances of all parties. Fortunately, requesting a new visitation schedule is a simple procedure since it can be done in front of the court that initially approved the arrangement.

At our reputable Concord, Tennessee law firm, we have everything necessary to help you submit your request for changing the visitation agreement to reflect your current situation. If the other parent objects to the changes, we will demonstrate your new circumstances persuasively.

Our committed team will passionately fight for an agreement that considers both your circumstances and, above all, puts your child’s best interests first.

Child Visitation Enforcement

Uncertainties may arise in the complicated post-hearing visitation landscape as one parent deviates from the predetermined schedule, imposing their agenda on the other parent and the child. On the other hand, the opposing parent might unfairly limit visitation without good cause. In more upsetting situations, emergencies may worsen, resulting in hostility and threats directed at the other parent and child.

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The affected parent can ask law enforcement for help to enforce the visitation order in these difficult situations. Additionally, bringing a case for contempt in court can result in quick action, obliging the disobedient parent to follow the ruling or face the proper consequences. Such legal actions might also call for modifying the current parenting plan, including possible changes to the custody arrangements.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Concord child visitation attorneys if you find yourself in a situation where you need to take legal action against the other parent for breaking the visitation order. We will diligently help you gather evidence of the violations and document your activities during those times. We are devoted to seeing to the proper execution of the court’s order as your tenacious legal counsel.

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Prioritizing your child’s needs, especially their right to have both parents actively involved, is crucial if you and your partner divorce. Adopting a visitation arrangement can give your child the priceless reassurance that they can keep close relationships with both parents while getting the support they need as they grow into adults.

As your dependable legal advisors, our knowledgeable team of Concord child visitation attorneys is dedicated to promoting a visitation arrangement that not only gives your child these crucial assurances but also lessens the burden on you and your ex-spouse.

As the case develops, we will be by your side every step of the way, assisting you in understanding the law and enabling you to make the best choices for your child’s welfare. Rest assured that our priority is ensuring a secure and nurturing environment for the development and happiness of your child.

Secure your child’s visitation rights in Concord, Tennessee. Please feel free to contact John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law for a consultation. Our experienced attorneys will fight for parental rights and ensure a meaningful relationship with your child. You can call (865) 276-7228 now to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward securing your visitation rights.