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Solway Juvenile Delinquency

Solway Juvenile Delinquency knoxvilledivorceattorney 24 300x200Mistakes are part of everyone’s journey. Unfortunately, young people can sometimes commit mistakes that can potentially have long-term effects on their lives, such as committing criminal acts. So if your child is being charged with a criminal offense, it’s crucial to acquire legal assistance from our defense lawyers immediately.

We know how the Tennessee justice system works regarding juvenile offenses. With our help, rest assured that your child’s rights will be protected and that the entire ordeal will have the least possible impact on your child’s future.

We will work on uncovering the truth about your child’s case and gathering evidence to support their defense. It’s our goal to present a compelling case that will mitigate the consequence that your child will face or, if possible, clear him of any charge and record.

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Understanding Juvenile Delinquency

Children who allegedly commit criminal offenses in Tennessee are only charged with juvenile delinquency. Even if they are accused of committing felonies or misdemeanors, they won’t have criminal charges. They will only face juvenile delinquency and will be tried in juvenile court.

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Juvenile delinquents are children found guilty of committing a delinquent act and will therefore need treatment or rehabilitation. This can include children who left their homes and went into the legal custody of the Juvenile Justice division of the Department of Children’s Services.

Delinquent acts are defined in juvenile law as acts that would be treated as crimes if adults commit them. These can be misdemeanors or felonies, which are punishable by fines or incarceration if committed by adults. Delinquent acts include theft, vandalism, assault, attempted murder, rape, etc.

Status offenses are acts that are only forbidden if a minor commits them. While the show is not technically against the law, the doer’s age makes it an offense. Status offenses include possession of tobacco, truancy, running away from home, etc.

However, regardless of which type of offense your child is being accused of, the juvenile court will always treat it equally. Your child can face severe consequences if found guilty of either type of offense. This is why it’s vital to acquire help from our Solway juvenile delinquency defense lawyers at the first sign of trouble.

Minors Can be Tried as Adults

There are circumstances where your child’s case can be transferred to a criminal court instead. This means that even if they are still minors, your child will be treated and punished similarly to adults. Any future alleged criminal offense will also be tried in the adult criminal justice system.

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However, this will happen only after two things have transpired: (1) your child has been given reasonable notice, and (2) a hearing was held where your child’s legal counsel could argue against transferring their case to the adult criminal justice system.

Several factors will be considered in juvenile court to determine if your child’s case should be transferred to criminal court. These include:

  • The delinquency history of your child
  • The nature of the past treatments or services that your child provided
  • The type of child’s alleged offense: aggressive or premeditated
  • The possible rehabilitation of your child
  • The possible gang involvement in your child’s alleged offense

Some of the circumstances that may lead to your child being treated as an adult are when they are under 16 years old but have allegedly committed any of the following crimes:

  • first-degree murder
  • second-degree murder
  • rape
  • aggravated rape
  • rape of a child
  • aggravated rape of a child
  • aggravated robbery
  • kidnapping
  • aggravated kidnapping
  • commission of an act of terrorism
  • an attempt to commit the abovementioned offenses

Since punishments are much harsher in criminal court, our Solway juvenile delinquency defense lawyers will prioritize keeping your child classified as a juvenile. We’ll provide compelling arguments with supporting evidence for why your child should not be tried as an adult yet.

Consequences of Juvenile Delinquency

Solway Juvenile Delinquency knoxvilledivorceattorney 13 300x200Juvenile courts can’t technically call your child ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty.’ The verdict in these courts is that your child is either ‘delinquent’ or ‘not delinquent.’

If your child is found to be delinquent, they may face the following consequences:

  • detention or supervised probation
  • order restitution
  • mandatory community service
  • revoked driving privileges (typical for charges that are alcohol-related)

The goal of our Solway juvenile delinquency defense lawyers is to, first and foremost, prove that your child didn’t commit the alleged act. If impossible, we will provide evidence supporting our argument to mitigate your child’s offense, its corresponding consequence, and its overall impact on your child’s future.

Trusted Legal Counsel for Juvenile Delinquents

John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law is passionate about advocating for young people’s rights. We aim to help prove their innocence from alleged offenses or that they deserve a chance not to be treated as criminals.

Our lawyers fully understand the extent of the effects of juvenile delinquency on a child’s life. Even if their cases are not transferred to criminal court, the consequences of their actions can still put their education on hold and negatively affect their outlook growing up.

This is why as much as possible, John T. Sholly provides legal counsel that will not only keep them from suffering severe punishments but also lead them to a more promising future.

Including in the juvenile offenses that we can handle are the following:

  • Assault
  • Bullying
  • Sexual harassment
  • Possession or distribution of drugs
  • Trespassing
  • Burglary of a premises or automobile
  • Credit card misappropriation
  • Theft
  • Sexting
  • Shoplifting
  • Evading police, resisting arrest, or interfering with police officers in the performance of their duty

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Young people are more susceptible to negative influences that can lead to their juvenile offenses. If your child or a minor you’re taking care of is being accused of a criminal offense, act immediately and ask for legal guidance from an expert defense lawyer.

John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law is a Solway, Tennessee law firm you can always trust. Our Solway juvenile delinquency defense lawyers are well-versed in the Tennessee justice system and can protect your child’s rights effectively. We will carefully plan a defense strategy tailored to your child’s specific case, ensuring their offense will be mitigated and have the most favorable outcome possible.

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