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Midway Prenuptial Agreements
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Midway Prenuptial and Premarital Agreements

Midway Prenuptial and Premarital Agreements knoxvilledivorceattorney 17 300x185Are you prepared to commit to the person you love and get married? Like most things in life, marriage will not be easy because you and your future partner must deal with several challenges that may shake your relationship.

From dealing with the financial challenges brought by your marriage to how you will deal with issues, it can be challenging if you have no basis to resolve it peacefully. Fortunately, there is a solution to this, and that is through a prenuptial or antenuptial agreement.

You can trust the fantastic Midway prenuptial agreement lawyer at John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law to help you make one. Our team can work with you to build a prenuptial agreement covering all the issues you and your partner may deal with throughout the marriage and what should be done if you end the marriage. We are always ready to make the laws easier to understand so you can make the best legal decisions in building, revising, or contesting your prenuptial agreement.

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Why You Should Make a Prenuptial Agreement

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Prenuptial agreements are highly recommended for any couple planning to tie the knot as it could help them with the following:

  • Protect all the assets and properties which they owned before the marriage.
  • Create guidelines on how community or marital properties will be divided or managed.
  • Identify the financial responsibilities of each party after marriage, ex. Household expenses, medical bills, and others
  • Indicate how finances will be managed or shared.
  • Identify how debts will be handled and ensure protections are in place so the other’s obligations will not burden the other.
  • Make a straightforward guide on resolving issues during divorce or separation proceedings.

Need additional reasons why you should have a prenuptial agreement? Our Midway prenuptial agreement lawyer can show you and your future partner its immense benefits during and after your marriage.

Definition of Prenuptial Agreement in Tennessee

A prenuptial agreement or antenuptial agreement is meant to help spouses to protect their property and to provide a reference for the pair should they find themselves experiencing problems, face divorce, or one party gets seriously ill or dies. It is also signed before marriage and will be effective after marriage.

Some of the topics that can be included in a prenuptial agreement include:

  • Division of assets and properties
  • Establishment of life insurance for one or both parties
  • The benefits of a surviving spouse should one pass away
  • The rights and responsibilities of each party regarding their household and properties
  • Distribution of assets and properties if they undergo divorce, separation, or death

Interestingly, Tennessee’s law enables spouses also to include other topics such as:

  • Waive or limit one’s rights to alimony
  • Child custody and support

However, custody and support cannot be decided unilaterally, as the court has sole authority to determine the control of a child during a divorce case. The court will base its decision on the child’s best interest and use the existing guidelines for determining child support.

Are you still confused about the details you can include in a prenuptial agreement? Let our Midway prenuptial agreement lawyer guide you through the state’s policies on these agreements and help you write it with all the topics you and your future partner would want to cover in the contract. We will also ensure it is written in the correct format for the court to approve immediately.

Prenuptial Agreement Enforcement

Midway Prenuptial and Premarital Agreements knoxvilledivorceattorney 19 300x200When the couple makes a prenuptial agreement, it is usually enforceable after the couple gets married. But, this can be possible if the prenuptial agreement was signed in good faith and both parties have disclosed their assets and values wholly and honestly to one another.

It must also not be signed without duress, coercion, or pressure. A good prenuptial agreement can also have a choice-of-law provision, which indicates which state law will be followed by the court to help with disputes.

If you wish to know if the prenuptial agreement is valid and enforceable or if you want to counter the enforcement of the prenuptial agreement, our Midway prenuptial agreement lawyer will help you.

We can sit down with you and your future spouse’s party to write the prenuptial agreement and ensure all parties do the disclosure before it is signed and forwarded for the court’s approval. Meanwhile, if you wish to get it voided, we can help you collect evidence proving it was made with false information and signed illegally.

Prenuptial Agreement Modification and Revocation

Once a couple ties the knot, many would discover that some aspects of their prenuptial agreement are no longer valid. May it be because of their changed situation or because it does not apply to them. Fortunately, Tennessee allows married couples to revise or change their prenuptial agreements after marriage.

But, before revisions can be made, it is essential that both parties mutually agree to the corrections that will be made. If one disagrees, the modifications should not be created or even considered. Revising the existing agreement is also not possible if the couple is already undergoing divorce or separation. The same can be said if couples wish to revoke their prenuptial agreement. Both must agree to the revocation before both parties and the court can recognize it.

If you want help in revising your prenuptial agreement or getting it revoked, let John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law know. We can help you write the contract and file the final version to the court for their approval. Similarly, if you want to get your prenuptial agreement revoked, we will help you collect the necessary evidence that will allow the courts to support your request.

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Marriage is a lifelong commitment filled with ups and downs that may lead to the end of the relationship if there are no safeguards ready to guide the pair. A prenuptial agreement will make things easier for you and your partner to resolve and assist in keeping the marriage alive for a long time. Should something go the other way and the pair ultimately separate, a prenuptial agreement can help make the separation stress-free for everyone.

If you want to start making your prenuptial agreement or check if your existing one can be altered, revoked, or enforced, let our Midway, Tennessee, law firm know at any time. At John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law, we guarantee that our legal team will be with you throughout the process so you can make the best legal decisions to help you both now and in the future.

Demonstrating a dedication to client convenience, our lawyer is ready to meet you wherever you’re most comfortable – be it your home or another preferred location.

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