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John is compassionate yet strong in defending kids.

John had been a colleague in the community for nearly 15 years. I've personally observed him do great work protecting children in terrible situations. John is compassionate yet strong in defending kids that have been abused; yet, he measures that well with trying to get kids home with their parents whenever possible. Don't hesitate to call John if you have a child issue that needs legal attention.

- Benjamin Barnett

Stood by my side through the years!

When my granddaughter came to live with me at 3 weeks old, John stepped up for me and helped me get legal custody of her. He has stood by my side through the years, aiding in transitioning her back to her parents, protecting her father’s rights to regular visitation, and protecting her right to be loved by both of her families. I deeply appreciate his dedication and determination. My granddaughter is 11 years old now. She has a stable, happy life. John helped me lay that foundation for her, and I am forever grateful.

- Amy Wilson

John has been a bright light throughout!

John has been a bright light throughout one of the darkest times in my life. My children were snatched away, wrongfully so, with lies and deceitful actions. John proved my side of the case, my character, and my story with swift legal action and nothing but the truth. He helped me gain full legal custody quickly. If you are having legal issues and/or your children are not safe I highly recommend John to represent you and your story.

- Lauren Shanks

I highly recommend him!!!

John handled my family law case and did a fantastic job. He is knowledgeable, kind, caring, and extremely dedicated to his clients. I highly recommend him!!!

- Anne Trisler

He was a lifesaver!

So grateful to have John represent me! He worked really hard for me and my case. He was faithful to answer my calls at any time. He was a lifesaver, would you recommend him to everyone. He was on my side, and won my case.

- Lydia K

John helped us!

John helped us to have contact and visits with our daughter.

- Kelly Corallo